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Non-Medical Transportation

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Non-Medical Transportation at your Finger Tips

Medical And Non Medical Appointment Transportation (NMT) Baltimore

Professional punctuality and reliability are what you deserve for any non medical transportation needs. Whether you’re traveling between medical appointment transportation, routine checkups, pre or post-surgical procedures, dental or vision appointments, and cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, Executive Concierge & Limousine Service will ensure your priority is your best health and recovery if needed, with the least hassle or headache of logistics.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Ensuring you’re in the best of health is your utmost priority. Getting to and from non-emergency medical transportation, however can be conflicting in schedules if not your ability to attend. In any scenario, Executive CLS is there to assist you, door to door. With around the clock service, you can rest assured whether you need an early morning transfer or a vehicle at your disposal for uncertain nemt transportation service.

Routine Checkups

Checkups and routine appointments for your health are more important to attend rather than overlook. Plan around your schedule and attend at your convenience in the utmost leisure. On route feel free to schedule the rest of your day or week and even next appointments while you have a moment away to catch a break. Our Executive CLS team is available around the clock to take your advance reservations for prescheduled appointments, with reminder emails and early arrivals for any service, you’re sure to make every appointment.

Pre or Post Surgical Procedures

Convenient and prompt service for pre or post-surgical procedures is as crucial as the procedure. Ensuring you are preauthorized and cleared for procedure at the doctor’s order is a vital step prior to any medical procedure, in or outpatient. Getting to and from surgery centers or medical facilities has never been easier. With a personalized experience built around your needs and procedure requirements. Post procedure needing ample leg room, the ability to stand, extra space for nurses or medical equipment, and any other needs come at the spur of the moment. Executive CLS is equipped to handle any requirement you or your medical team may have to ensure a safe passage home for your recovery.

non emergency medical transportation

Dental or Vision Appointments

Dental or Vision appointments sound easy, but the doctor’s orders upon arrival or checking somehow tend to differ. In any case, if you require general anesthesia and are unable to drive home, our Executive CLS team can accommodate with service to take you home while ensuring your vehicle is not left at the facility, so you don’t have any extra worries. While getting an eye exam, in case the doctor needs to dilate your pupils or perform a sensitive procedure, you don’t have to hassle with family or friends to see who can pick you up. Our team is available around the clock for prescheduled or last minute service at your convenience.

Cosmetic or Reconstructive Procedures

Cosmetic procedures have grown in style and demand over the years. Whether you’re enhancing beauty, correcting a defect, or enjoying yourself; don’t worry about the aftereffects or who you can see post procedure. Executive CLS ensures your utmost ease of mind and hassle-free logistics. Surprise everyone with a new look or spoil yourself and get pampered along with enhancement(s). In case you need ease of logistics or a hassle-free experience, our team awaits to exceed your every expectation with seamless accommodations.

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