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Terms & Conditions

Executive CLS - Your Local Experts, Around The World

Please review the following terms & conditions pertaining to your reservation of service from Executive Concierge & Limousine Service.

Online bookings can be completed at Online reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. You can make reservations 24/7 by calling +1-888-EXEC-CLS or +1-888-393-2257. Confirmations are emailed to you per reservation. To secure a vehicle and create a reservation, a major credit card is required and will be pre-authorized. By providing your credit card information you accept the terms and conditions herein. Upon receiving the confirmation please review the itinerary for accuracy, review the terms and conditions, and respond with any discrepancies. Acceptance of this reservation is confirming and binding your agreement of all terms and conditions. Upon booking our services, we reserve the right to charge the entire cost of the invoice prior to the actual service date. If multiple transfers are booked, you will be billed separately for each transfer, unless you have an account setup.


All vehicles are subject to a minimum cancellation notice or full amount will be charged.

  • Sedans and SUVs – MINIMUM 18 hour cancellation notice.
  • Executive Sprinters and Vans – MINIMUM 5 day cancellation notice.
  • Stretch Limos, Sprinter Limos, Buses, Exotics – MINIMUM 12 day cancellation notice.


  • All reservations MAY be paid in FULL upon booking your trip
  • Credit Card information MUST BE provided to secure your reservation.
  • If you choose to setup an account, a credit card authorization form WILL BE emailed over and kept on file.
  • It is your responsibility to complete and return your completed credit card authorization to secure your booking.
  • If you are reserving your booking within 5 weeks of your service, the full amount will be collected to secure your reservation.
  • Once the booking is confirmed; Executive CLS turns down ANY/ALL jobs for that time and day.
  • The 50% deposit collected upon your booking is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • The remaining balance will be collected 5 weeks prior to your service (IF APPLICABLE)
  • The CANCELATION POLICY goes into effect within the specified time prior to your reservation for your respective vehicle category.


GRATUITY IS NOT be collected by Executive CLS. Gratuity given to the chauffeur during or upon completion of the service/trip is strictly out of gratitude towards the chauffeur and their service. Service Fee is NOT to be confused with gratuity.

 Service Fee is NOT to be confused with gratuity


The Service Fee is an administrative charge that covers the costs associated with the provision of a service.


As a policy, we would like to inform our valued customers that the amount of luggage allowed may vary depending on the vehicle booked. We would like to remind our customers that bringing excessive or oversized luggage can result in extra charges, which will be billed accordingly. In addition, we also want to emphasize that our chauffeurs have the right to deny putting additional luggage that exceeds the vehicle’s capacity to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Lastly, we would like to reiterate that no luggage is allowed in any vehicle’s cabin for security and safety reasons.

Pet Policy

No pets. Only registered service animals allowed. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?


The rate quoted, prior to your trip, is an ESTIMATE based on the information you provided at the time of booking. Rates are subject to change and can increase your rate if the following occur:

  • Additional waiting time
  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • Any additional stops
  • Any incurred cost(s) during the service/trip
  • Fees for toll or parking are required.


Executive CLS reserves the right to substitute a vehicle for any service, based on availability. If the vehicle reserved is unavailable for any reason, ie; mechanical breakdown, safety precaution, or unforeseen circumstance, Executive CLS will send only a vehicle considered to be an upgrade to the originally reserved vehicle. Any upgraded vehicle(s) will be provided at no additional cost to the customer.


  • Assigned Chauffeur will contact you upon their arrival on location at the desired pickup address (specified prior to pickup). Please respond to their notification confirming you received this information.
  • If you are being picked up from the airport, your Chauffeur will send you details of where they will meet you: specific to your airline, domestic or international travel, and/or airport procedure per traveling city.


Any changes to your reservation require a minimum notice to our office depending on the vehicle type, by calling 1 (888) EXEC-CLS or 1 (888) 393-2257. 

  • Sedans and SUVs – MINIMUM 24 hour notice of ANY changes. 
  • Executive Sprinters – MINIMUM 5 day notice of ANY Changes. 
  • Stretch Limos, Sprinter Limos, Buses, Specialty Vehicles  – MINIMUM 8 day notice of ANY changes. 

NO CHANGES requested through your assigned chauffeur are guaranteed. The chauffeur is not responsible to update your reservation or itinerary on your behalf prior to service commencing. You may have a new chauffeur to accommodate your scheduling changes and our availability.



  • Domestic Flights – 45 minute complimentary wait time after flight has gated.
  • International Flights – 65 minute complimentary wait time after flight has gated.
  • Private Charter/FBO – 30 minute complimentary wait time after flight has landed
  • If the tail number is untraceable, the Chauffeur will arrive at FBO at the reservation pickup time. Complimentary waiting period begins at time of reservation pickup time.
  • Additional wait time after complimentary time has expired will be billed in 30-minute increments of the reserved vehicle(s) rate.


There will be no charge for wait time if you meet the driver within the 10-minute grace period of the designated pickup time. Once the grace period has expired, additional charges will be billed as followed:

  • Charges will be billed in 30-minute increments.
  • Charges will be broken down into ½ of the hourly rate per vehicle per reservation.

If you have not made contact with your Chauffeur or our office within the allotted grace period, you will be considered a no show. In such a case, full charges will be billed.


Our goal is and will always be safe and reliable transportation services provided by top professionals. However, delays may occur. Executive CLS is not responsible for passenger expenses in the event of any issue that prevents the safe execution of service. Executive CLS is not responsible for service delayed or not rendered due to Godly events, ie; mother nature or circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to weather, road conditions, breakdowns due to mechanical failure, traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, inclement weather, etc. In cases where we cannot dispatch a vehicle because of mechanical difficulties or an extreme weather hazard, either a replacement vehicle or full refund will be offered. While we make every effort to meet our obligations, safety of our passengers and staff is paramount.


  • NO Smoking including vaporizers on board
  • NO Consumption of alcohol by minors AT ALL
  • NO Consumption of food or snacks on board AT ALL
  • NO Consumption of non-prescription drugs AT ALL
  • NO Violent or unruly behavior AT ALL


The client assumes full responsibility in using the safety restraints provided in the vehicle, and releases Executive CLS from any liability when such restraint is not used. It is the responsibility of all passengers on board; especially adults to ensure all minors adhere to the use of such restraints.


Executive CLS is not responsible for items left in our vehicles. We ask you to please check for your valuables before you leave the vehicle, each and every time. If something is found, we will do our best to contact you and return the item. Any costs related to the return of items are the responsibility of the passenger or owner of lost item.


Customers assume full financial liability for any damage caused by them or any members of their party to our vehicle(s).

  • Vehicle Cleaning Fee – $150.00 or more depending on drink and/or food spillage, vehicle condition and vehicle in service at the time of occurrence.
  • Alcohol Spillage Cleaning – $250.00 or more depending on incident, damage(s), and vehicle in service at the time of occurrence.
  • Vomit or Bodily Fluid Cleaning – $475.00 – $850.00 or more depending on incident, damage(s), and vehicle in service at the time of occurrence.


We are committed to ensuring your safety, security, and well-being. At Executive CLS, our health and safety practices go above and beyond industry as well as CDC standards. We want you to know as we navigate through these times together, Executive CLS is taking extra precautions to ensure your comfort and peace of mind while you travel.

  • Chauffeurs will wear a mask when they are outside of the vehicle and during the trip for safety purposes and to meet state mandates within service areas.
  • Before each vehicle’s daily service, vehicles are:
Washed, vacuumed, sanitised, wiped down, deodorised. All high traffic areas (arm rests, common areas, door handles, lavatories, and seatbelts, sanitized with medical grade cleaning agents). E-mist machine administered in the interior of all vehicles for o2 purification.
  • Between trips, vehicles are:
  • Cleaned, santized, and wiped down in high traffic areas, ie; arm rests, common areas, door handles, and seatbelts, are thoroughly vacuumed to remove any debris.


Executive CLS expressly reserves the right to terminate or cancel service without any refund whatsoever if the chauffeur observes a violation of the policy as stated.

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